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A board book to help you learn to count to ten in binary

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Want to learn to count to ten in binary?

Hi, I’m Lisa, but computers call me 01001100 01101001 01110011 01100001. I’m a mom, of twins! AND a computer scientist.

I am passionate about computers, and I can tell my sons are too. Every year, there are over 12,000 new computer science graduates in the United States alone. In the next 10 years, the department of labor statistics projects the number of software engineers to grow twice as fast as the average profession. Without a doubt, our kids will be using computers in some fashion in their future careers.

When I started learning how to write code at Carnegie Mellon University, I had to learn some new languages. Some of which I wished I had learned earlier. Children are genetically programmed to learn language, so why not start them early?

As a parent, I have board books scattered all over the house to teach my kids the alphabet and how to count to 10 - the foundations for reading and math. I thought, why not also teach them the building blocks of computer languages? So I decided to write a new type of kids book.

Meet JSON and WiFi, fraternal twin brothers who want to be nerdy… just like their mother.

….She starts them with basics and has them begin, by counting in binary from zero to ten!

The book uses different types of switches to represent the 1’s and 0’s of binary, the code used by computers to store and process information. In the ebook version, our little readers can interact with the switches to see how different binary inputs generate a numerical output.

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A special thanks to all my Kickstarter backers who made the creation of this book possible. We raised over $13,000 to bring the story to homes around the globe. Thank you!

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About the Author

Lisa Seacat DeLuca

Lisa Seacat DeLuca is a Distinguished Engineer and Diretor at IBM. She's also a mom to two sets of twins. The book was launched on Kickstarter as a way to introduce young children about binary through memorization.


If you have questions about the book or wish to place a custom larger order for a classroom, please reach out to lisa@arobotstory.com